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24th Zilhajj, Eid al-Mubahila: Revealing the exalted status of the Ahlul Bayt (AS)
24th Zilhajj 10th Hijrah is celebrated as the Eid al-Mubahila. On this historical occasion, Islam emerged triumphantly against Christianity. The historical event ...
Rare Centuries-Old Quran Copies on Display in Singapore Mosque
Inside a mosque in Singapore, there is a sanctuary of rare Quran copies dating back to the powerful Ottoman Empire in the ...
Ghadir Khumm: The Formal Declaration of Imamat (Leadership) of Imam Ali (A.S)
The formal declaration of Imamat of Imam Ali (A.S.) at Ghadir Khumm has been unanimously described by the learned historians and scholars ...
History of the shrine of Imam Ali al-Naqi (AS)
The modern city of Samarra is situated on the bank of the river Tigris some sixty miles from the city of Baghdad. ...


Hadith & Life
Supplication in Abasing himself His Supplication in Abasing himself This additional supplication is appended in some copies of the Sahifa Translated by William Chittick
From Heaven (Part 11) A selection of words and wisdoms of Imam Husayn (AS) by Fakhr-Rouhani
Ghadir Khumm Ghadir Khumm: The Formal Declaration of Imamat (Leadership) of Imam Ali (A.S)
Good Manners (Hadith Explanation by Ayat. Khamenei) Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei explains the benefit of having good disposition and manners.
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