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Points to ponder on the Mahdi’s reappearance
We are actually on the threshold of the birth anniversary of the Redeemer of mankind, who was born on the 15th of ...
The first national Quran in Nastaliq script to be published
IBNA- The publication process of the first Iranian Quran in Nastaliq script began at a ceremony with director of Culture Art Organization ...
Qom to Host Mahdism Doctrine International Conference
The 12th edition of the International Conference on Mahdism (Mahdaviat) Doctrine will be held in the Iranian holy city of Qom.
Ayatullah Husayni Bushehri: Ayatullah Rayshahri is the Kulayni of our time.
The first hadith festival of Thiqa al-Islam Kulayni was held in Qum. This event was organized in assistance with Specialized Center of ...


Hadith & Life
The Supplication for Wednesday
Praise belongs to God, who appointed the night to be a garment, and sleep for a rest,

I praise Allah seeking
I praise Allah seeking completion of His Blessing, submitting to His Glory

Supplication in Abasing himself (61)
My Master, my Master! Thou art the Master and I the servant!

The Whispered Prayer of the Utterly Poor
My God, nothing will mend my fracture but Thy gentleness and loving care, free me of my poverty but Thy affection and beneficence,

The Supplication for Tuesday
Praise belongs to God - and praise is His right, since He deserves it - abundant praise!