Relation of Hadith with the Quran

Mahdi Mehrizi

Relation of Hadith with the Quran is one of the basic topics in the field of philosophy of hadith and hadith sciences which has a fundamental role in all discussions concerning Hadith. It is necessary to explore the place of hadith beside the holy Quran and find out its influence on the Islamic teachings so that we can have a better understanding of its status and relation with the holy Quran.To depict a better image of this issue, the author presents the following topics and tries to view them from different perspective. Authenticity of the Quran and rejecting the authority of Hadith Authenticity of Hadith and rejecting the authority of Quran's outward meanings Authenticity of Quran and Hadith Authenticity of Quran and authority of Hadith

Key Words: Hadith, the Quran, Hadith Sciences, Islamic Teachings, Authenticity.

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