Risala Fatahiyya

Mirza Qumi

Editd by Reza Ostadi

Mirza Abolqasem Qomi is one the great scholars who has left behind valuable works such as al-Qawanin al-Mohkama in jurisprudence to mention a few. Risala Fatahiyya is one of the works of Mirza Abolqasem which has been written in reply to the question raised by Fathalishah Qajar concerning Imam Jawad, peace be upon him, while citing his marriage sermon to Um al-Fazl, the daughter of Ma'mun, and his preference of Hamd to Tawhid. In fact this resala is the author's answer to Fathalishah.

Key Words: Mirza Abolqasem Qomi, al-Qawanin al-Mohkama, Risala Fatahiyya.

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