Concept of Intellect by Two Exegists of Usul al-Kafi

Abdulhusayn Kafi

This article focuses on the views of Mulla Sadra and Allama Majlisi on the concept of intellect in the hadiths of Usul al-Kafi. It is devided into two sections.In the first section, the author gives a definition of intellect and also presents the Mulla Sadra and Allama Majlisi's definition of it. In the second section, he makes a comparison between their views and the related hadiths in the chapter of al-Aql wal Jahl of the book al-Usul al-Kafi.

Key Words: Mulla Sadra, Allama Majlisi, Usul al-Kafi, al-Aql wal Jahl.

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