Zaydi Hadith Books (Pt. I۰)

Sayyid Ali Musawi-Nezhad

The Zaydis are the followers of Zayd al-Shahid, the son of Imam al-Sajjad. Zayd rebelled in ۱۲۱/۷۳۷ against the Umayyad caliph Hisham 'Abd al-Malik and a group paid allegiance to him. A battle ensued in Kufa between Zayd and the army of the caliph in which Zayd was killed. Zaydis possess a great heritage in the field of hadith literature. The author of the present article tries to introduce them. In this part of the article, he has come up with the authors and important hadith books of Zaydiism. The other parts of this article will be published in next issues.

Key Words: Zaydiism, Zaydis, Zayd al-Shahid, the Son of Imam al-Sajjad, Hadith Books.

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