Bibliography of Translated Hadith Books (Pt. ۲)

Hamid Farrukhian

This article is concerned with the translation of hadith books into Persian. They are represented in two sections.In the previous section, the author viewed the translations which were before the Safavid era and section two deals with the translations, done after the Safavid era. The early pages of section one spoke of the history of translation of hadith books and introduced the first translation in this field. This section displayed ۱۶۸ translations of hadith books which all of them are of a period before the book Bihar al-Anwar. Mentioning the original title of the hadith book and its translated title, the author of this article renders a bibliography of each book. Notably, the book adh-Dhari`a, written by Shaykh Aqa Bozorge Tehrani is the main reference of this article.

Key Words: Bibliography, Translated Hadith Books, Persian, the Safavid Era.

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