History of Mustalah al-Hadith Writing in Ahl as-Sunna (Pt. ۱)

Radyyihsadat Sajjadi

The emergence of ilm dirayat al-hadith was followed by its division into numerous branches. Certain rules and guidelines were evolved for distinguishing reliable from unreliable hadiths. The body of such rules came to be called mustalah al-hadith, which together with the science of men of hadith, formed the means of scrutinizing hadith material.This article views the history of mustalah al-hadith writing from different perspectives and divides them into seven periods. Then gives a brief description of every period, as well as explaining about the conditions of that period. The present aricle has been prepared in two parts. In the present issue you read the first part of this article and you will read the second part in the next issue.

Key Words: Mustalah al-Hadith Writing, Ahl as-Sunna, Dirayat al-Hadith.

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