Survey of the Personality of Jabir bn Yazid Jufi

Ali Reza Hazar

Jabir bn Yazid Jufi is one of the narrators and rijal of hadith. Many opinions have been given about his personality. Some regard him as thiqah (reliable narrator) and some other have the opposite view concerning him and view him as daif (weak narrator) and some knows him as ghali.The author of the present article tries to prove the reliability of Jabir bn Yazid Jufi. To reach this goal he utilizes historical and rijal sources. In this article he argues that Jabir bn Yazid Jufi was pretending to be mad because of the Abbasid tyrant rulers and he was not mad at all. He also mentions some hadith from Imams, peace be upon them, regarding the reliability of Jabir bn Yazid Jufi.

Key Words: Jabir bn Yazid Jufi, Rijal of Hadith, Hadith Reliability.

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