The Just Policy of Sacrificing Animals in Hajj

Sayyid Hussyan Arab-Baghi

Fatwas of many faqihs concerning animal sacrifice in hajj is that animal must be sacrificed in Mina and at its special time.The present article is trying to prove that, at this time that the meat of sacrificed animal is of no use in Arabia, there is no obligation upon us to sacrifice animal in Mina and Haji, after finishing his hajj can sacrifice animal in his home so that it be consumed by the poor. He argues that quantitatively there were more needy people than hajis in the early Islam, but at the present time, it’s on the contrary and the number of hajis is much more than the poor of Mecca. Since they don't need the sacrificed animal's meat and thus it's better to be consumed by the poor people of every haji's homeland.

Key Words: Hajj, Mecca, Mina, Sacrificed Animal, The Poor, Early Islam.

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