A Review of the Book Dirasatun Hawli as-Sahifa as-Sajjadiyya

Mahdi Hooshmand

Dirasatun Hawli as-Sahifa as-Sajjadiyya, written by Sayyid Muhammad Jawad Husayni Jalali and edited by Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Husayni Jalali, is a profound work which deals with the issues such as the documents and chain of narrations of Sahifa.The author of the above mentioned book views different manuscripts and verifies its chain of narration and with reference to the views of the past scholars.In addition to the reliability of Sahifa, he also mentions the amount of narrations and the cause of its nomination.The main purpose of this article is to introduce this invaluable work.

Key Words: Dirasatun Hawli as-Sahifa as-Sajjadiyya, Documents and Chain of Narrations of Sahifa, Manuscripts.

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