Plastic Monotheism

Ahmad Abidi

Ayatullah Sayyid Mahdi Rawhani in his book Buhuth ma a Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Salafiyyah criticizes the Wahhabis’ doctrines. They believe that every night God comes to the sky of this world and in the morning goes back to the upper skies. They also ascribe this opinion to their ancestors and imams and to ulama and tradition scholars although Shia does not accept this opinion. Wahhabis believe in incarnation and anthropomorphism of God and argue that the verses of holy Quran and hadith imply this opinion but they are quite wrong. This article displays some part of the aforementioned book and points to the questions raised by Wahhabis and the answers given to them by Ayatullah Rawhani.

Key Words: Ayatullah Sayyid Mahdi Rawhani, Wahhabis’ Doctrines, Incarnation and Anthropomorphism of God.

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