Twenty Questions on Buhuth ma a Ahl Al-Sunnah

Rida Usadi

Since the issues on Imamate and Shia belief and teachings were compiled, it naturally raised some questions by the people of Sunnah which they asked from their Shiite brethren and vice versa. So far, many scholars have tried to answer questions raised by the people of Sunnah. Ayatullah Sayyid Mahdi Rawhani is one of them. Utilizing intellect, the holy Quran and authentic hadith books, he has come up with these questions in his book Buhuth ma‘a Ahl al-Sunnah. The present article with the use of this book answers to the questions raised by the people of Sunnah.

Key Words: Imamate, Shia Belief and Teachings, Ayatullah Sayyid Mahdi Rawhani.

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