Madrasat al-Hadith fil Qairwan

Mahdi Hosshmand

Madrasat al-Hadith fil Qairwan is the name of a book which has been written by professor Husayn b. Muhammad Shu’at.In this book the author represents Qairwan as an Islamic and scientific center and studies hadith and hadiths scholarship in a short period i.e. From the time of introducing Islam into Africa to the middle of fifth centure and decribes the geographical situation of Qairwan and development of these principles in it. Utilizing the Issues of this book, this article tries to introduce different sections of the book. this book which is the author’s dissertation has been published in two volumes. The author also discusses the religious, social, economical and political situation of Qairwan and evaluates the cultural and religious development especially in the characteistics of hadith scholarship centers in this city.

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