Baysonghor Quran Manuscript on Display in Tehran
Publish Date: 11/19/2016 Code: 54781

Baysonghor Quran Manuscript on Display in Tehran

Pages from Baysonghor Quran Manuscript, the world’s largest old handwritten copy of the Quran, were put on display at the Malek National Museum in Tehran on Monday.


Four pages and 140 photos of the other pages of the manuscript have been showcased at the museum.

The manuscript Quran, whose pages measure 105 by 187 centimeters, dates back to the 15th century CE, during the time of Baysonqor.

Baysonqor was a Timurid prince known as a patron of arts and architecture, the leading patron of the Persian miniature in Persia, commissioning the Baysonghor Shahnameh and other works, including the Quran manuscript, as well as being a prominent calligrapher.

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