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1Sermon 190: I praise Him out of gratefulness for His reward….53/19/2018
2Sermon 189: One belief is that which is firm and steadfast in hearts….43/19/2018
3Sermon 188: I advise you, O people, to fear Allah and to praise Him….33/19/2018
4Sermon 187: May my father and my mother be sacrificed for those….33/19/2018
5Sermon 186: He who assigns to Him (different) conditions does not beli...43/19/2018
6Sermon 185: Praise be to Allah. He is such that senses cannot perceive...43/19/2018
7Sermon 184: Keep silent! May Allah disgrace you…33/19/2018
8Sermon 183: Praise be to Allah Who is recognised without being seen…33/19/2018
9Sermon 182: Praise be to Allah to Whom is the return of all creation…33/19/2018
10Sermon 181: May Allah's mercy remain away from them…..33/19/2018
11Sermon 180: I praise Allah for whatever matter He ordine…53/15/2018
12Sermon 179: Eyes cannot see Him…53/15/2018
13Sermon 178: One condition does not prevent Him….53/15/2018
14Sermon 177: Your party had decided to select two persons…53/15/2018
15Sermon 176: Seek benefit from the sayings of Allah….63/15/2018
16Sermon 175: O people who are (negligent of Allah but) not neglected (b...63/14/2018
17Sermon 173: The Prophet (S) is the trustee of Allah's revelation….73/14/2018
18Sermon 172: Praise be to Allah from whose view one sky….53/14/2018
19Sermon 171: O My God! Sustainer of the high sky…..53/14/2018
20Sermon 174: As for me, I would never be frightened of fighting….63/14/2018
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