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1CHILDREN in the Quran and the SunnahMohammadi Rayshahri Mohammad5857010/9/2017
2Mawsu`t al-Imam Ali bin Abi Talib fi al-Kitab wa al-Sunnata wa al-Tar...25644/10/2017
3Imam Ali and Political LeadershipMohammadi Rayshahri Mohammad845184/10/2017
4Dar al-Hadith Scientific-Cultural Institute9335/6/2015
5A Brief Review of Sayyid Murtada’s Life and Personality55272/18/2015
6Introduction to Addiction Prevention from Islamic Perspective22619/12/2013
7A Critique on the Software Mawsuat al-Hadith al-Sharif (Pt. 3)26269/1/2013
8The Ethical Considerations and Rites of Argumentation in the Book of N...16118/19/2013
9The Characteristics of the Jurisprudence-Oriented Shiism from the View...50708/19/2013
10The Status of the Term Jurisprudence-Oriented Shiism in the Theologica...13678/19/2013
11Supporting Imamiyyah and Rejecting Isma'iliyyah in the Book of Naqd11608/19/2013
12Shiism and Sufism in the Book of Naqd13498/19/2013
13The Book of Naqd and Religious Moderateness10698/19/2013
14Aspects of the Cultural–Civilization Life of Shiites in the History of...9828/19/2013
15The Geographical Spread of the Imamiyyah Shiite Population According t...13698/19/2013
16Sect-Study References by Abd al-Jalil Qazvini in His Book, Naqd8298/19/2013
17The Sunnite Madrasa vs. the Shiite Dar al-Ilms: A Discussion on the Bo...12168/19/2013
18The Scientific and Religious Schools and Centers and the Shiite Rijals...9708/19/2013
19The Shiite Poets Mentioned in the Book of Naqd8228/19/2013
20The Geography of Ray and Qazvin11708/19/2013
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